April 21, 2016


    • Analyze Reserve Fund Study
    • Strategies for Reserve Fund Constraints


    • Design Concepts & Boards
    • Design Presentations
    • In-house & Independent ARIDO Registered Designers
    • Working Drawings & Specifications
    • Preparation of Documents


    • Preliminary Budgeting
    • Final Construction Budget
    • Valued Engineering


    • Construction Management
    • Construction Supervision
    • Safety Policy & Procedures
    • Bonded & Insured
    • One Year Warranty
    • Turnover Documents



Design – Build (DB) is a project delivery system that includes planning, design and construction under the leadership of one entity. DB is the idea of partnering the right team, from the start, to help get to a completed project successfully and provide the highest satisfaction to the Client/Owner. The DB team typically consists of the Client, Design Build firm, Interior Design Consultant/Engineers, and DB Contractors and Suppliers. Getting everyone together at the early stages in the process allows all team members to share their ideas for creative and innovate solutions. This leads to faster project delivery and the best cost value. This single entity then guides Management and the Board of Directors through the three phases of a refurbishment project: design, budget and construction execution. The DB Advantages are: Single source of accountability, budget management, enhanced communication, faster project completion, and consistent quality control.


What makes LAR stand out from other firms is our ability to collaboratively lead a cohesive team focused on guiding our Clients through all aspects of an interior common element refurbishment. Our firm prides itself in delivering consistently high quality work, the ability to take responsibility, and a committed focus on driving timelines. We provide unrivaled customer service and quality workmanship.

A key factor in delivering great interiors is understanding the emotional connection Clients have with the environments we are working with. We work with ARIDO accredited design firms, because of their professionalism and ability to understand, respect and reflect on the needs of each individual space. Their consideration for social, cultural and the architectural tradition of the communities we work with is what make us the perfect pairing. Each design solution is guaranteed to be individually tailored to the Client’s needs, suiting the specific criteria of each project. It is in our ability to see needs before they are presented that allows us to deliver high quality service.

We aim to change the face of the condominium refurbishment industry by continuing to learn and innovate; to see areas that can be changed and improved. The only way to provide good service is to match experience with drive and LAR ensures all aspects of a project are given 100% attention.

Put your project in our hands and we will take care of the rest.