Our Process

April 21, 2016

S.O. S.I.M.P.L.E.™

With our refined Design Build process, we are your single source of accountability. We recognize the importance of understanding and getting to know our client’s culture. It is not only about understanding client needs but also their ideals and vision. Our process begins with strategy assessment and then branches into objective refinement. We then move through design, documentation, budgets and construction phases with expertise.


Select A Project Manager

Selecting a project manager is one of the distinguishers of why LAR’s process differs from other condominium refurbishing firms. Once we have assessed the unique needs of a project we pair it with a Project Manager best suited to the Client’s overall goal. He or she assumes the responsibility to drive the project through its various stages and to keep you fully informed along the way.


Objective Refinement

In the early stage of the process we discuss a Client’s objectives and vision for a project. Our experience has taught us that frequently there are changes in thinking and in overall goals that manifest early in a project. Therefore, our process includes a detailed review of goals with the Project Manager. This either clarifies or reveals modifications that need to be made. In our experience, these modifications are often small. Ensuring these subtleties are captured is another factor that differs in our process and ensures each project meets and surpasses the expectations of our client.


Schedule The Phases

The Project Manager will then create a project plan with milestones that will be shared with you. This allows you to know how the project is progressing at all times. The project plan will be presented to you in draft so that you can provide your input before we begin. This upfront planning will prove to be cost effective as well as timely.


Identify The Design Team

Different designers have different approaches and different aesthetic preferences. Knowing this, we have cultivated relationships with several top design teams. We will recommend the team that fits your objectives, timelines and budgets.


Manage The Design Process

In our experience, management of the creative process is critical to meeting budgets, timelines and the desired outcomes from a project. With more than 25 years of experience in managing and guiding the design process, what can otherwise be a freewheeling creative phase is simplified and we continually keep you informed as this phase progresses.


Present Concepts & Budget

We understand that a significant overhaul to the aesthetic of a building can be a daunting experience for Board Members. We will ensure your voice is well heeded as we carefully guide the design development to best align objectives, vision and budget. After careful budget analysis ensuring the completed design aligns with budgetary needs, while inspiring confidence from an economic and aspirational view, we help guide the Board and the Design Consultant unveil and present this exciting new design intent to the stake holders in the community.


Launch Construction

This involves multiple steps including scheduling and managing our trade partners, who are skilled not only in their specialty but also in making the Residents experience during construction as painless as possible. It also involves ordering materials, preparing the building physically and communicating with Residents so they know what to expect. All of this is diligently addressed by your Project Manager. You will be continuously updated so there are no surprises.


Execute The Implementation Plan

The final step is the execution of all elements of the project. Once again this will be clearly communicated to the residents. For instance, on a corridor refurbishment, the plan will identify the floor by floor schedule including times of work minimizing the impact to the Resident’s daily lives. This thorough attention to detail is implemented throughout all phases of the project until your final assessment.